MAT4+, Venice red colour - VITTORIO MARTINI 1866

MAT4+, Venice red colour


It has been defined "writing system 2.0": MAT4+ it is syntesis of a new way of thinking about a pen or a pencil. One support, 7 different possible variety of writings or applications; in other words graphite, ballpoint pen, crayon, highlighter, Touch&Brush and NFC technology.
The broad collection of writings instruments MAT4+ provides at the same time accuracy and a new "touch experience" provided by the usage of innovative and uncommon materials.

MAT4+, triangular maxi refill holder with n. 1 pc. 5.6 mm graphite.
Venice Red colour in gift packaging.

Technical specifications: 
Maxi refill holder: 10 x 1,5 cm
Weight: 29 g.

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