Otello Set - VITTORIO MARTINI 1866

Otello Set

The Oak, whose purpose can reach 600 years of age, an embodiment of the values ​​of tenacity and solidity. From the deep brown oak wood, whose color has been maintained for years and years under the ground, it is considered this means of writing that preserves unchanged all the prerogatives of the centenary wood from which it is taken.

OTELLO, a sophisticated design writing piece in fine aged wood:
- Ballpoint pen, black ink in deep brown aged precious oak wood.
- 2 mm push-type mechanical pencil  in deep brown aged precious oak wood.

Technical Specification:
OTELLO: 12 cm. (closed)
Packaging dimensions:  19 x 11 x 4,5 cm.
Weight: 200 gr.
Packaging: Handmade gift box in taffeta London fog colour.

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